What should I pay?

What should I pay, or how does the sliding scale work?

A primary incentive to set up a sliding scale payment system is to provide acupuncture for those who otherwise cannot afford it.

Likewise, it also extends the possibilty that people can receive treatments more frequently if necessary or desired.

On a $15-40 sliding scale, for instance, someone whose budget is limits her to $60 per week for acupuncture is not restricted to coming in for one treatment per week. She could actually come in 2, 3, or 4 times if necessary.

Providing an opportunity for people to come more frequently increases the odds that people will have positive results that last.

No matter what amount you choose to pay, by receiving acupuncture at Thicket N’Thorn, you are supporting health care for others in the community while providing a sustainable income for your practitioner.