What do acupuncture needles do?

I am often asked, “what do acupuncture needles do?” The simple answer is that the needles move qi or energy in an effort to restore balance.

It helps to consider observations taken from nature.

If we visualize sitting or standing next to a pond on a windless day, the surface of the water appears like a glass mirror; detailed relections are vivid and, under ideal conditions, exact. If a stone is tossed into the water, ripples reverberate across the entire surface of the pond. The stone initiates an energetic response which can be seen as movement.

This is what acupuncture needles do. They set off energetic reverberations throughout the body. This is why headaches can be successfully treated with points on the feet, or pain on the plantar surface of the left heel can be treated successfully with needles inserted into the base of the palm on the right hand.

Qi moves through everything. Qi makes the exponential multiplicities of life possible.

As it is without, so it is within. We are not separate from the places through which we move.

We are not separate from that which moves through us.